Camera Apps: Saving you Time, Fuel and Money

Our apps capture images of vehicle damage quickly and easily, for use in Inter-est estimates or other systems.

Repair-cam is designed for use by repairer professionals.

Driver-cam makes it simple for vehicle owners to send images direct to the repairer.

Repair Cam

Bob is an estimator. He used Repair-cam for his first job of the day. It will never go to the bodyshop. It will be sent straight for salvage instead. Bob is now on his way to his second job...

Why be stuck in the workshop, waiting for work to come to you, when Repair-cam gives you the flexibility - and economies - of working wherever suits you or your customer most? Everyone can use the app on site, and mobile estimators can visit vehicles anywhere. That's why Repair-cam speeds things up, saving money.

To get Repair-cam, open this web page on your mobile device and click the relevant button below:

Driver Cam

Sue has bumped her car. It’s now on her drive. So is Sue. She is using Driver-cam to send images of the damage straight to the bodyshop. The vehicle assessment has started already...

Everything is simple: the owner just inputs information, and captures photos of the damage, via the app on a Smartphone. Once the data is transmitted, the vehicle is already on its way to the next stage: assessing costs. No need for you to visit just to grab images! No need to wait for the vehicle to come to you!

To get Driver-cam, open this web page on your mobile device and click the relevant button below:


Inter-view makes it easy to include images in your management system from Driver-cam or other Inter-est sources. Inter-view is FREE!

Choose to attach the images to Audatex estimates? That's FREE via Inter-view.

If you already have an Inter-est account, click below. Otherwise simply contact Inter-est on 01625 616 020 or via


I already have an Inter-est account, how do I access Driver-cam from my estimate?

In the estimate, fill in the owner's email address on the administration/owner tab. Click the request images from owner button on the images tab. The driver of the vehicle will then receive an email instruction explaining how to download driver-cam. The owner takes the pictures and hits “send” the images are then automatically attached to the estimate. There’s no need to cut and paste - Driver-cam does the job for you.

I want my mobile estimator to use Repair-cam - how can this be accessed?

Repair-Cam can be installed using your existing Inter-est log-in credentials. Simply click “get Repair-cam” and enter your email address. You will then receive simple download instructions directly to your mobile device.

How does my estimator access individual estimates using Repair-cam?

In Repair-cam you can search for an existing estimate or create a new one, attach images to the estimate and send images. These images will then be automatically attached to the estimate. It's simple to use.

I want to use Driver-cam and Repair-cam for other work sources how can I do this?

Inter-est provide free of charge software, Inter-view to enable you to download images directly. Contact Inter-est on 01625 616 020 or via to set-up your Inter-view account.

I don’t have an Inter-est account, can I still benefit from the camera apps?

Yes, simply contact Inter-est on 01625 616 020 or via and we’ll set you up with an account to use Driver-Cam, Repair-Cam and Inter-view.

How much do Repair-cam and Driver-cam cost?

Driver-cam costs just £1.50 per job - charged where the images are received. Repair-cam is also £1.50 per job. Want to use both Driver-cam and Repair-cam on the same job? That’s still only £1.50 for both.

Can I search for the apps in an App Store?

Yes and they are FREE to download. It’s even quicker though to click on the links on this page. Just look for the relevant icon and click on the Apple or Google logo.

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