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Repair and Refinish Review

Inter-cept in the press

It's always great to see our company in the press - as long as it is for the right reasons! And we were very pleased to see Inter-est featuring in the latest edition of Repair and Refinish Review.

The article outlines our current work on Inter-cept: the FNOL (First Notification of Loss) solution that helps to accelerate the right decision - where should a damaged vehicle go next?

We have worked hard to support call centre operatives (who are unlikely to be VDA trained). The results? Quicker, better analysis of the correct route to follow.

Read the article.

Migration Season

Supporting clients upgrading from legacy systems

Whatever systems clients are running, we help them integrate with Inter-est as easily and efficiently as possible. Key to this is Inter-act which allows third parties to interact with Inter-est solutions via web services. This means that legacy technology, or any client systems can be connected with minimal re-work or delay.

But there comes a time when customers decide it is right to upgrade and migrate to new systems altogether. And this summer we have been busy supporting clients embarking on that transition - because it is always best to benefit from the experience and expertise of those who have been there before.

Each case is of course unique. So if you would like to open an initial discussion on what's involved, please drop us an email via the link below.


Triage: the Way Forward

Putting First Notification of Loss and Inter-cept in context

Inter-cept, our new FNOL solution, has been drawing a lot of interest both from our customers and the media. Because it saves time and money.

Of course we are enjoying the buzz - and we also wanted to set out more of the commercial, historical and technical context that has led to its development.

Click below for more details.

View Triage in Auto Repair

Inter-est is Different

Yes - we are serious about this: it is important to us, and our clients

How many times have you come across firms who purport to be radically unique, then revert to the typical norms - especially when the commercial pressure is on?

But here at Inter-est, being different is not just a veneer - it is in our DNA.

What do I mean? I am not going to go on in detail about this here - instead I will first share a link with you: please see below. It is an article that we have used at Inter-est - across the company - to illustrate what we mean. And if you have any comments, please get back to me - there's also a link to my email. Thank you.

Read the article

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Make things better. Make things faster. That's all we do. Michael Nixon, CEO, Inter-est

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