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The Expert Suite comprises:

  • Audit
  • Authority
  • Parts Buyer

Each plays a role in which automation improves speed and efficiency - in domains where clear-cut rules can determine decision-making.


Audit ensures that pre-set commercial terms and conditions - as well as best practice - are observed. Items and activities including labour rates, fixed prices and sundries are monitored to ensure conformity.


Authority allows estimates to be approved automatically - within the parameters set by each organisation. Instead of waiting for engineer authorisation, jobs can be progressed at once, removing delays - as long as strict criteria are observed.

Parts Buyer

Parts Buyer builds on rule-based expertise to automate ordering depending on criteria such as age or value of the vehicle. Parameters may specify OEM or white box parts, depending on the rules set, and the system has the ability to interrogate web inventories.


  • relieves people from duties that are simply routine
  • improves consistency
  • removes delays and increases speed and efficiency

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