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Inter-lect provides users with a real time dashboard illustrating the performance of their business. The data is drawn from the wealth of up to date information held in the system, and can also be charted geographically to identify local or regional variations.

We hold so much data, that the challenge is not what we can analyse and report - it is confirming how to add most value to a specific user.

That's why the components, style and functionality of the display are customisable by job function and organisation - to make it easy to access the right information at the right time in the right place. So you can easily see how your business is doing now, compared to last week or last month.

For body-shops this includes average times to turn estimates around, performance against SLA's, comparison of actual against estimated costs, checking which work-providers are most profitable, and seasonal variations. Intellect has successfully helped body-shops to identify early on, for instance, when they have an issue with resources - such as needing extra staff in the winter. You can also check how often jobs are supplemented.


  • Live data, available on tap whenever and wherever
  • Graphical displays for easy analysis
  • Informed decision-making, based on fact.

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