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With Inter-preter we are pushing further the boundaries of what technology can achieve - for commercial advantage. Not only replacing repetitive processes which are governed solely by hard-coded rules and facts, but even extending the role that genuine real time data plays in setting parameters and reaching decisions. The objective is that technology can be self-learning. Where the data and conditions merit, software can be empowered not only to implement but to improve the decisions made, against fact-based criteria.

Of course, it is important to set in place clear boundaries, with trust-levels per implementation - to ensure that the scope of technology-based decision-making is fully understood. Our clients also put in place audits, controlled by humans, to underpin confidence and control. But Interpreter shows that there are more and more situations where technology can do things better and faster. The results? Improved performance in your business, with software taking more of the strain and accelerating data-led decisions.


  • Rapid response to genuine real time information
  • Fact-based decision making and data-led management
  • Self-learning for continuous improvement.

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Make things better. Make things faster. That's all we do. Michael Nixon, CEO, Inter-est

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