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Body-shops are busy - often hectic - places. And everyone has a lot to do. So Vision - our software estimating tool - is designed to make life easier. Simply input data describing the vehicle and the damage, attach as many photos as you like, add any comments, and the estimate is underway.

With Vision, VDA's (Vehicle Damage Assessors) can accelerate the process of delivering an accurate assessment for accident damaged vehicles that is safe, efficient and economical - and easy to share with interested parties.

You can access Vision from anywhere with Internet access (we built it in the Cloud). You are able to add and annotate as many pictures as you want at no extra charge. And you can push Vision as far as you like: we integrate not only with Thatcham data for accuracy, but also with Thatcham methods, so you can see both what to do and how to do it.


  • Automates more of the job - saving time and money
  • Provides additional expertise (such as where it is safe to section a panel)
  • Adds value through integrated features (including unlimited number of photos.)

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