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What we do

We are making things better in the auto claims industry. At every stage we put solutions in place that are faster, easier, simpler and more efficient. Where relevant we develop software to underpin improvements, and the results are measured in speed and profitability. Benefiting insurers, fleet managers, repairers and vehicle owners.

Optimising processes

Taking a step back to look at how things are done is rewarding. Going back to basics in the claims industry meant we could question the status quo, then improve or replace the old ways of working.


Triage solution for accident-damaged vehicles, accelerating accurate decisions in call centres

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Fast easy online estimating to ensure safe efficient repairs, every time

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Managing work tasks and responsibilities to cut out delays and improve communication

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Automating activities

We believe that people should be free to focus on the roles and tasks where they can add most value. And automating routine tasks improves response, consistency, turnaround and efficiency.

Expert (Suite)

Audit, Authority and Parts Buyer: allowing estimates to be checked and approved, and spare ports ordered

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Enabling computer-to-computer communication between Inter-est solutions and third parties.

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Understanding data

Operating without enough information is like driving blindfold. But too much data can be overwhelming or confusing. So we support clients in seeing through the data smog - to understand significance and set priorities.


Illustrating and charting business performance via dashboards and maps, for fact-based management.

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Improving performance

Everything we do is designed to make things measurably better. And where beneficial, we are building decision-making functionality into our software - within the trust levels defined by clients.


Self-learning expert systems that monitor and drive ongoing improvement, for data-led management.

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Make things better. Make things faster. That's all we do. Michael Nixon, CEO, Inter-est

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