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Whatever your role in claims management, Inter-est offers ways to do things better. And quicker. Making everything more efficient, and reducing key to key time. We are best known for our estimating software, Vision, but we do so much more. From First Notification of Loss (FNOL) through to repair completion and analysis of performance / profitability, we at Inter-est look at how people work. Then find ways to improve. Because we are different, passionate and innovative.


Software has been around in the claims industry for a long time. Helping insurers, fleet managers and repairers to handle information, and manage repairs. So, we are proud that our software is the best around. Versatile. Quicker. More powerful. And more accessible (we are in the Cloud, so you can log on anywhere from any device with Internet access.) But that was not enough. We didn't just build new tools to do the same job. We went right back to basics. Looking at how the jobs were done. How people interacted. Where steps could be improved. And what could be streamlined. The results are game-changing. Not just new bits of software, but a whole new way of thinking and working.


Because we care about what we do, we get passionate about finding new solutions - and seeing our ideas turn into reality. It is exciting to make a difference, and talk with clients who are benefiting from easier, quicker, better ways of working. But we also enjoy experimenting, even when the new initiatives never make it to market. Why? Because without that will to try new things out, the same old status quo will prevail. And that's not good enough. So, it is in our blood to challenge the way things are. Which means more than just putting new technology in place. We believe there are chances to improve relationships within the sector. To build on trust and understanding by sharing information transparently. And to learn by listening to others' needs. For us, that goes across the board, including clients, partners and colleagues. We are sure that there is a better way.


We go beyond technology alone. We are developing the "next generation" of work practices - supported by software to help them run smoothly. One of our favourite questions is "why".

  • Why are things done like they are?
  • Why don't people have ways to handle claims more efficiently?
  • Why do companies keep repeating the same bad habits?

And where we see ways to improve, we try them out: we have resources dedicated specifically to experimenting. Some of those experiments never make it to market. But wherever we see commercial benefits, we enjoy rolling them out to give clients tangible advantage. For us, change is not a threat, it is the future of the industry.

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Make things better. Make things faster. That's all we do. Michael Nixon, CEO, Inter-est

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