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A UK business developing mobile and cloud based enterprise solutions that ensure insurers, vehicle repairers and associated partners process motor claims better.

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A connected, cloud based, enterprise solution that triages accident damaged vehicles at ENOL/FNOL.

Offering dramatic savings in time and money. Inter-cept reduces process friction and delivers a greatly improved “right first time” customer journey.

Employing AI and best in class industry data, Inter-cept drives and empowers call handlers to make better informed decisions, delivering a measurably improved service to your customers and your business.

And for the future put Inter-cept directly in the hands of your customers. Self-service ENOL is here now.

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Request, capture and share images of a damaged vehicle using just your mobile phone.

Driver-cam and Repair-cam solutions enable customers and mobile operators to share images of an accident damage vehicle quickly and easily.

Cam solutions enable damage to be assessed before the vehicle is collected improving the customer journey, key to key and reducing failed work deployments.

Images are automatically sorted, packaged and shared with Inter-cept, Vision and 3rd party applications.

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From start to finish of the motor claims process, we have put in place effective solutions that deliver hard benefits and a quantifiable return on investment.

A modular, enterprise, vehicle assessing and workflow management solution.

Vision is a cloud based assessing solution with a real focus on workflow, messaging and real time expert support. Easy to integrate using a comprehensive set of API’s. Vision is powered by data from Thatcham, Autovista and CDL.


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For our clients - and their customers - Inter-est means saving time and money, and improving the claims experience. Because we help them to:

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