Inter-est is challenging and changing motor insurance claims management software.

Through logic, understanding and creative thinking, we've proven that, by combining the very best technology, our platform and applications can increase ROI by 8 to 30 times today.

100% focused on the motor insurance sector, and dedicated to technology innovation to enable better ways of working across the FNOL process since 2000, we’re proud to have worked alongside leading brand names to design new solutions with five core common goals.

Driving Revenue

To achieve 8–30 times increase in ROI through accurate decision making, knowledge, speed, automation and transparency

Accelerating claims

To speed up customer claims through streamlined efficiency

Achieving accuracy

To achieve 98% decision-making accuracy today

Collaborative working

To enable point to point collaborative working, share knowledge and automate communications

Eliminating friction

To remove customer, contact centre and third party friction points

We are leaders in our field when it comes to combining the very best in decision support technology to deliver the commercial and operational results you need today, whilst ensuring you are prepared for the vision of tomorrow.

As a niche supplier to the UK's motor insurance market, we are known for our delivery, bespoke development and outstanding ability to deliver accuracy and consistency across the claims management process to close profit gaps and drive revenue.