Challenging and changing Claims Management technology

Inter-est has been part of Insurtech since 2000 and has partnered with the motor insurance market to pioneer smarter and more cost-effective methods to accelerate the end-to-end claims management process, to reduce cost and deliver a smoother and faster customer journey through technology innovation.

We believe in achieving great commercial results today, whilst preparing for the future possibilities of AI. Designed for competitive advantage, scalability, integration and operational ease, we're making a positive commercial difference to the motor claims operation, for both large and small insurers and accident management companies.

100% focused on insurance claims technology, Inter-est has been at the forefront of harnessing, blending and advancing both intelligent data, AI and decision support technology, to create the first cloud platform to unite and streamline every process point from accident, triage, estimate repair and knowledge share in real time.

Inter-est's solutions are built on logic, innovative thinking, commercial outcomes and the realities of today and possibilities of tomorrow. Working with insurance, accident management and body repair companies, Inter-est's aim is to optimise process, time and deliver cost reduction.

Inter-est is trusted and recognised for its logical, intelligent and collaborative approach. We accommodate for today's reality, whilst ensuring our clients are equipped to keep up with the pace of advanced technology changes.

That's why we invest heavily in advanced decision support technologies to specifically meet the needs of motor insurance claims and make migration and digital transformation smoother with a module and integrated approach to solution design.

Why not find out how we can make a difference to your operation ensuring you achieve 8 to 30 times ROI?

Our promises

Increased ROI

8 to 30 times ROI

Accurate & Consistent Decision Making

98% accuracy rate

Collaborative Working

Point-to-point real time communications across the claims process

Short Claims Life Cycles

Fast action from FNOL to settlement

Stress Relief

Reduced customer frustration and contact centre distress

Reduced Call Time

Automated updates, escalation and real time and transparent communication flow