A cookie is a small text file placed on your computer or mobile device by a website. It can only be read by the website which placed it. Inter-est uses cookies in three ways.

Firstly, essential cookies to allow the web site to function. These cookies hold information about the user's login identity and current status. This allows the user to log on and move around the web site. These cookies are needed to determine what to display and securely control access to your data. The data in these cookies is encrypted.

Secondly, to allow user customisation. Some featues of the web site allow a user to change the orginal appearance. Information about the appearance is stored in a cookie.

Finally, to improve performance. We monitior information about the pages visited and the software (normally an internet browser) used to connect to Inter-est web sites. This provides information useful in optimising future development.

Inter-est does not store personal or business information in cookies.

Cookie NamePurpose
Required to secure user access & navigation. Set by Inter-est.
User Customisation
Stores user customisations. Set by Inter-est.