Making progressions management a whole lot easier

Inter-com extends communication across your progressions team and customers like no other application can.

Designed to alleviate stress points, friction and costs in progression management, Inter-com gives the transparency, automation and reliability that insurers and accident management progression teams need to drive efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Operating in real time, Inter-com delivers instant customer progression updates and automates and synchronises communication flow between your staff, your repair network and other third parties.


Eliminates update failures

Reduces call volume

Improves process speed

Drives efficiency

Customer experience

Instant, proactive updates

Service confidence

No more progression chasing

Automated and instant escalation procedures

Team management

Saves time

Real time data sharing for internal and third party systems

Single view of work in progress

Reduces customer frustration calls

Relieving stress through transparency and instant communication

Inter-com was developed in partnership with a leading insurance and accident repair brand, with the single goal to alleviate progression management stress points and reduce costs.

As a cloud-based data hub, Inter-com can work independently, or within the Inter-est ecosystem, to deliver live, transparent and automated communication flow. No more mistakes. No more delays. No more confusion. Only reliable and secure data flow in real time to all those that need to be kept informed.

Inter-com schematic
Inter-com logo

Rich in features, Inter-com offers you:

  • CAPS data and connection
  • SMS
  • Web interface
  • Inter-com messenger for live alerts and notifications
  • Automated escalation procedures
  • Automated updates across all systems/platforms
  • Open APIs for third party system communication
  • Secure and compliant data capture
  • Intelligent reporting