Now there's a better way...

Inter-est has been a pivotal part of Insuretech since 2000, with the sole aim to advance claims management technology to increase profit margin and drive forward decision making accuracy. Partnering with motor insurance brands, we’ve developed the only end-to-end platform that can hit the top two commercial targets in motor claims management:

98% decision making accuracy

Delivery of 8 to 30 time ROI

Through a unique blended approach of combining AI and decision support technology, we enable insurers to achieve the optimum results they need today, whilst building and preparing their infrastructure for tomorrow's technology and possibilities.

Our flagship product Inter-cept gives the industry an automated, seamless, agile hub to create an environment of collaborative working, transparency and real time data, all built on intelligence-based technology to accelerate end-to-end claims journeys from FNOL through to claim closure.

Our smart and modular claims management portfolio of solutions have benefited our insurance partners in 10 key areas:

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  • Substantially reducing cost per claim
  • Unrivalled precision and consistency attaining 98% accuracy
  • Triage and settlement automation
  • Empowering of contact agents with expert knowledge
  • Optimising work flows across claims management chains
  • Faster and easier repair network management
  • Reducing key-to-key time
  • Accurate and faster repairer identification and allocation
  • Delivering control and visibility to the customer
  • Outstanding NPS scores