Driving process and sharing data

Vision's cloud-based platform protects profit margins across the car repair process for body repair businesses and motor claims engineers, through enhanced communication, assessment methods and collaborative working for all internal and third parties.

As an all-in-one auditable solution to estimate, access and authorise, Vision enables fast, efficient and accurate assessments to eliminate cost wastage, time and part ordering and gets the job started sooner and safer.

Proven to offer more workflow and control than any other assessment tool, and benefiting from visible, real time communication flow between all parties and the customer, Vision can be used as part of the Inter-est eco-system, independently, or with third party systems.

Accurate assessments

Ensures correct part ordering

Delivers accurate time estimations

Escalates problems and delays

Collaborative working

Provides full, real time transparency between all parties

Automates notifications and authorisations

Instantaneously shares knowledge

Profit margin protection

Accurate estimating

Shortens repair process

Controls costs and job flow

Vision schematic
Vision logo

All features help to maximise margin, improve communication and enable efficient and transparent vehicle repair:

  • Fully cloud-based, accessible from any place, at any time
  • Process authorisation for decisions and routing
  • Work flow manager
  • Pop-up reminders for repairers
  • Web based
  • Simple user experience
  • Open APIs
  • Connected to all major body shop management systems, CAPS, CDL, Glass's valuation services
  • Methods based assessments from OEM and Thatcham data
  • Designed for zero maintenance