Delivering 98% decision making accuracy and unrivalled ROI

Inter-cept is a connected, cloud based, enterprise solution that triages accident damaged vehicles at ENOL/FNOL to deliver you the increased revenue and improved customer experience you need today.

Offering dramatic savings in time and money, through its 98% decision making accuracy and speed, Inter-cept reduces process friction and delivers a greatly improved "right first time" customer journey.

By combining decision support technologies and best in class industry data, Inter-cept drives and empowers your call handlers to make better informed decisions, delivering a measurably improved service to your customers and importantly, closes profit gaps.

Created specifically to address the accuracy, cost and communication gaps in the FNOL process, Inter-cept's creative, logical and practical approach overcomes key challenges in claims management both operationally and financially.


8 to 30 times ROI

98% decision making accuracy

Avoids unnecessary mobility and repair costs

Accelerates the FNOL process

Records and analyses data with in-depth reporting for improved financial and management decision making

Reduces customer churn

Customer experience

Extends customer engagement

Delivers automated, real time and accurate customer communication flow

Enables the customer to feel in control and increases confidence

Gives the customer the right information fast

Increases positive customer reviews

Improves brand image and trust

Contact Centre

Helps your contact centre agents complete a complex task using layman's terminology

Equips unskilled agents with instant knowledge to produce correct routing decision

Improves NPS scores

Reduces the time to certainty

Reduces inbound and outbound call duration

Reduces/eliminates knowledge training

Achieving 98% accuracy rate and 8 to 30 times ROI

Inter-cept gives you a powerful, intelligent cloud platform to drive your service and cost reduction to new heights, without comprising customer care or pressurising the contact centre.

Acting as the brains and hub of your entire FNOL/ENOL operations, Inter-cept does the thinking, calculating, analysing, optimisation and in-depth data reporting, to enable a ROI of 8 to 30 times and an enhanced customer experience.

Inter-cept schematic
Inter-cept logo

Inter-cept's feature rich platform features:

  • Web based to reduce internal IT resource and allow ubiquitous knowledge and information flow
  • Simple user experience
  • Routing to mobile, fast or fixed site repair operations
  • Repair cost and duration approximator
  • Damage description tool
  • GTA hire car calculator
  • MIAFTA check
  • Vehicle valuator
  • Vehicle deployment
  • Self-service ENOL